Children & Family Counseling Associates, Inc.

Our goals: Build interpersonal and social skills through basic manners like sharing, kindness, listening skills etc.), identifying and expressing emotions, learn about creating healthy boundaries, and practicing self-control/ reducing impulsivity.

1st week (Jan 3rd and 4th) Draw This! Whole body listening and review rules of the group

2nd week (Jan 8th - 11th) Willow in the wind (team building, trust building, and improve communication); Marshmallow challenge and you are in control activity (self-control)

3rd week (Jan 16th - 18th) Empathy X-Ray (increase empathy and communication); Bridges (increase communication and teamwork) 

4th week (Jan 22nd - 25th) Is it bullying tug of war and toothpaste words (increase awareness of what is bullying and how words affect us); Jingle Bell Pass (whole body listening, problem-solving, and teamwork)

5th week (Jan 29th – Feb 1st) My Castle Activity (creativity, boundaries, and increase self-awareness); Keys to Conflict Resolution with Puppets (increase communication and problem-solving skills)

6th week (Feb 5th - 8th) Light as a feather (whole body listening, increase focus, increase teamwork); Toxic Waste Transfer (Team building, problem-solving, and communication)

7th week (Feb 12th – 15th) Self-Esteem Pizza Pie; I Am Balloon game (increase self-confidence)

8th week (Feb 19th – 22nd) Follow me (Whole body listening and team building. Guidelines (following Rules, problem-solving, and team building.


Session Breakdown:

4:00pm – 4:20pm: Arrive, snack, & ice breaker

4:20pm – 4:40pm: Homework

4:40pm - 5:15pm: Structured Game

5:15pm - 5:40pm: Structured Activity

5:40pm – 5:50pm: Cleanup/ Prepare to leave


On School Snow Days, any closures will be announced on LEX-18. Watch for news on our Facebook page. It will be listed on both forums as "The Academy on Main, Children and Family Counseling Associates, INC. and Character Quest". 

 Character Quest is an innovative after school therapy group in which licensed mental health professionals and support staff at CAFCA work closely with a small group of children to learn and practice essential social skills.  Through years of clinical experience, the staff has learned that there is no more effective way to enhance the skills learned in therapy than to practice them with a group.

Below is a calendar of topics that will be focused on for the specified week. 

Character Quest
Adventures in Therapy