Our goals: Build interpersonal and social skills through basic manners like sharing, kindness, listening skills etc.), identifying and expressing emotions, learn about creating healthy boundaries, and practicing self-control/ reducing impulsivity.

Week of April 9- Creativity
     Create Your Own Story to share strengths, personality characteristics, etc. 
     Never Ending Story- using creativity and teamwork to create a narrative and expression 
Week of April 16- Self Worth
     Self Worth Bucket- how to use kindness to fill others’ buckets and how to prevent from taking from others’ buckets 
Week of April 23- Teamwork 
      Mirroring Acitvity- improving communication skills, nonverbal cues 
      Color me a Rainbow- using teamwork to complete a task while enhancing communication skills 
Week April 30- Anger Management 
     Cool Down Stategies- identifying coping skills, self calming and relaxation techniques to aid in controlling anger 
     Metaphor my Anger- Identifying metaphors for anger and how it relates to each participant 
Week of May 7- What is Positive Self- Esteem? 
        What defines us?- Identifying negative messages from others and how it impacts our self perspective 
        What are my strengths?- Identifying character strengths, talents/skills, etc 
Week of May 14- Reflecting on positive 
         What I’m Proud Of- Identifying accomplishments and how we did so 
        Positive Self Talk- replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts
Week of May 21- Handling “bullies” and “put downs” 
     Put Downs- Identifying why people are “mean” to others, what to do, and how to help others. 
     Encouraging others- influencing others to be kind and respectful, Identifying positive traits of others 

Session Breakdown:

4:00pm – 4:20pm: Arrive, snack, & ice breaker

4:20pm – 4:40pm: Homework

4:40pm - 5:15pm: Structured Game

5:15pm - 5:40pm: Structured Activity

5:40pm – 5:50pm: Cleanup/ Prepare to leave


On School Snow Days, any closures will be announced on LEX-18. Watch for news on our Facebook page. It will be listed on both forums as "The Academy on Main, Children and Family Counseling Associates, INC. and Character Quest". 

 Character Quest is an innovative after school therapy group in which licensed mental health professionals and support staff at CAFCA work closely with a small group of children to learn and practice essential social skills.  Through years of clinical experience, the staff has learned that there is no more effective way to enhance the skills learned in therapy than to practice them with a group.

Below is a calendar of topics that will be focused on for the specified week. 

Character Quest
Adventures in Therapy

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