Jill has over 26 years of Case Management experience. She graduated in 1992 from Eastern Kentucky University. She has ties to the local community and has seen lots of success stories. 

Dana Hager

Dana joined the CAFCA Case Management Team after completing 27 years in the classroom. During this time, she supported many children with disabilities and worked closely with their families, her school and her community to help make her students the most successful they could be! Dana is a National Certified Professional Educator.

Lee Ann Rose

Carolyn Ray

Jill Kinnaird

Carolyn is a recently Retired Teacher. She received her Bachelor's Degree at Bellarmine College and her Master's and Rank 1 at University of Louisville in Special Education. She taught in Special Education and later in Gifted and Talented.

 Jeanine graduated from Kentucky State University in 1992 with a BA in Early Elementary and earned her 5th year degree in Special Education from Eastern Kentucky University in 2000. She taught special education for 9 years and loves working in the field. 

Lee Ann is from Pulaski County. She has her Bachelor's degree in Human Services and Counseling. She has over 10 years experience working with children and families through the Cabinet for Health and Family Services

Jeanine Bottom

Arielle graduated from Eastern Kentucky University in May 2015. Arielle worked previously providing CLS services for Michelle P. Waiver.  She enjoys working with all individuals. Arielle serves individuals in the Harrodsburg and Lexington areas.

Arielle Perkins Scgers

Harold Tokle

Leah Royalty

Leah is a native of Harrodsburg, KY. She graduated from Morehead State University in 2002 with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. She has been providing case management for children and adults since 2003. She enjoys supporting her clients to reach their highest possible potential and being an advocate for those who may not be able to speak up for themselves.

Harold is a long time provider of mental health services in Central Kentucky and is an instructor nation wide for the Juvenile Sexual offender Program.  He is a strong advocate for his clients and believes a wrap around/team approach to treatment is beneficial to quality care.

Casey Harris

​Casey worked with CAFCA providing CLS services for individuals through the Michelle P. Waiver Program before transitioning to a case manager position in the Spring of 2017.  She works with clients in Washington, Mercer and Boyle Counties.