Our goals: Build interpersonal and social skills through basic manners like sharing, kindness, listening skills etc.), identifying and expressing emotions, learn about creating healthy boundaries, and practicing self-control/ reducing impulsivity.

Week of August 13: Listening Skills

Fast Names: Go around in a circle and try to quickly think of something relating to a chosen topic.

Back-to-Back Drawing: Sit back to back and draw what your partner describes.

I Went on a Picnic: Come up with items that you could bring on a picnic, while remembering what others already brought.

Paraphrase: Restate what a partner said.


Week of August 20: Assertiveness Training

            Someone is Bugging Me: Create a bug and ways to deal with being annoyed.

            Role-Play: Role-play how to be assertive.


Week of August 27: Problem-Solving

            Paper Airplane Challenge: Design the best paper airplane.

            Find the Object: Find the hidden objects.

            Discuss a Problem: Go around the room and problem-solve everyone’s problems.


Week of September 3: Identifying Goals

            Long-Term Goals List: Create a list of long-term goals.

            Draw Your Future: Draw the future you envision.

            Short-Term Goals List: Create a list of goals for the year.


Week of September 10: Identifying Emotions

            Emotion Search: Match the picture to the emotion that describes it.

            Paint an Emotion: Paint a picture of a chosen emotion.


Week of September 17: Coping Skills

Practice Coping Skills: Practice deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, grounding, and yoga.

Coping Plan Book: Make a book of coping strategies.

Week of September 24: Taking Care of Yourself

            Trust or Distrust?: True or false questions about trustworthiness

            Self-Care Book: Create a book of self-care strategies


Week of October 1: Self-Expression

            Expressive Painting: Paint a picture that expresses you.

            Favorite Song: Play a song that expresses you.

            Show-and-Tell: Share an item that expresses you.

            What Animal Am I?: Discuss what animal best expresses you.


Week of October 15: Relationship between thoughts, emotions, and actions

The Triangle of Thoughts, Feelings, & Behaviors/The ABC Method of Analyzing Your Emotions

Identifying Negative Thoughts/Having More fun

Feelings Uno


Week of October 22: Types of Irrational Thinking

            Thinking Errors & Self Evaluation

            Think Good--Feel Good

            The Blame Game


Week of October 29: Identifying and Evaluation Thoughts

            Therapeutic Dream Catcher

            Halloween Art Therapy Activity


Week of November 5: How to overcome fear/anxiety

            Creating a Personal Affirmation Cart

            Creating a Calming Bottle for Anxiety


Week of November 12: Accepting negative emotions

            What is Distress?

            Practicing Mindfulness-Blowing Bubbles

            Practicing Mindfulness-Noticing Urges

            Practicing Mindfulness-Walking the Line


Week of November 19: Empathy

            How much Empathy do you have?

            Blind Empathy

            Feelings Collage


Week of November 26: Self-Esteem

            Positive Self-Talk Shield

            Special Candy Game

Week of December 3: Positive Thinking

            Thinking more Positively-Partner Activity

            Challenging Negative Thoughts-What’s the Alternative?

            Challenging Negative Thoughts-What if it’s True?

            Getting out of the Negative Rut


Week of December 10: Being Open to New Experiences

            Painting with Bubble Wrap and Mini Rolling Pins

            Back-2-Back Game

            Pom Pom Race


Week of December 17: Christmas Party

Session Breakdown:

4:00pm – 4:20pm: Arrive, snack, & ice breaker

4:20pm – 4:40pm: Homework

4:40pm - 5:15pm: Structured Game

5:15pm - 5:40pm: Structured Activity

5:40pm – 5:50pm: Cleanup/ Prepare to leave


Character Quest
Adventures in Therapy

On School Snow Days, any closures will be announced on LEX-18. Watch for news on our Facebook page. It will be listed on both forums as "The Academy on Main, Children and Family Counseling Associates, INC. and Character Quest". 

 Character Quest is an innovative after school therapy group in which licensed mental health professionals and support staff at CAFCA work closely with a small group of children to learn and practice essential social skills.  Through years of clinical experience, the staff has learned that there is no more effective way to enhance the skills learned in therapy than to practice them with a group.

Below is a calendar of topics that will be focused on for the specified week.